2014 State Convention

Wyoming GOP ยป 2014 State Convention


The 2014 State Convention will be Thursday, May 1st through Saturday May 3rd in Evanston. Among other business, the Convention will approve changes to the Platform, approve resolutions, and approve changes to the existing bylaws.

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A Fundraiser and social gathering for our hosts, the Uinta County GOP, 6:00 PM, this Thursday evening.


Committee meetings and some other events will convene at the Roundhouse, formerly a Union Pacific Railroad maintenance facility, on Union near the intersection of Main and 15th, Evanston. The actual Convention on Saturday will be at Evanston High School, 701 West Cheyenne Dr, Evanston, WY, 82931-6002.


The Chamber of Commerce's list of lodging. Another list of lodging.

The process for the Platform, resolutions and bylaws changed considerably in 2012. There may be further changes. Before the State Convention, the counties will hold their own conventions and precinct caucuses. Because the rules governing those are rather complicated, we provide a timeline.


The deadline for registration has passed.

For County Chairmen

Please complete this spreadsheet and return it ASAP to Chairman Hooper, Secretary Foster and the IT department. There are two (2) tabs located at the bottom of the spreadsheet. One is for your delegates as elected and the second tab is for alternates to be LISTED IN ORDER OF PRIORITY. Alternates will be seated as delegates in this order. Please complete the information for each column and for those who are appointed/selected to a committee, please make a note of which committee they will serve on and if they will be a delegate or alternate. As per state party by laws county chairmen must submit this to the State Chairman not later than thirty (30) calendar days before the State Convention, i.e. on or before April 3rd. We would really appreciate this information AS SOON AS POSSIBLE following your convention. County chairmen must submit the names and please note that is an explicit declaration that you as the county chairman are certifying all of these delegates and alternates. Submission from any other source will not be accepted and so noted to the State Party Executive Committee (if you want someone else to populate the spreadsheet that is fine but the submission must come from you as the chairman).

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Stay tuned to this page and your County Party for further details.


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